An online PFMLogin account registers you with the store where you can easily track things, orders, and more. The PeopleNet Fleet Manager or PFMLogin online portal account provides a solution to all the transportation problems you face in your business.

Trimble is a company that deals with everything related to logistics. This company has developed an online portal called Peoplenet Fleet Manager or PFMLogin that will meet all your transportation needs. The PFMLogin account is very useful for a fleet business, this online portal offers many benefits and features.

It allows you to think more clearly and absorb less stress. PeopleNet Trimble has strengthened the management of a fleet business through its online portal, PFMLogin. Stay with us to learn more.

Purpose Of The PFMLogin Portal

Please note that the PFMLogin portal is interactive and accessible from any device. You don’t need to depend on a computer LED screen. It is easily accessible on smartphones and iPads. Now get all the following information from anywhere:

  • GPS tracking, movement and routine of each of your vehicles.
  • Built-in filter to show the most accurate vehicle search result.
  • Stores and displays all the information about each vehicle.
  • Check the name and current status of a vehicle,
  • Track your recipe with a data management system.
  • Tracking fuel theft.

  • Stores all data, location and messages of the driver.
  • Send a message and contact your drivers.
  • Check driver details and get there easily.
  • Check the name of the driver who drives a particular vehicle.
  • Visited place, terminal, checkpoints and toll booths
  • Change of schedule and route.
  • Easily download and sync data across all devices.

People only need a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop to access this account online. Here you can, for example, monitor everything related to traffic, a map to view vehicles, monitor drivers’ routes, send messages to drivers, send important data, check driver details, etc.

There are many techniques that PFMLogin made possible in the days of PFM controllers and PFM consumers. The Peoplenet Fleet Manager Portal (PFMLogin) is a great answer for the workers and buyers of this large logistics company.